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Offering shellfish? Serve it with a Sea-Sheller.

Sea-Shellers are designed and patented to open shellfish like a zipper! Shellfish lovers across the nation use them every day. Try them in heavy-duty plastic or solid stainless steel.

Visit Sturdy Plastic Sea-Shellers

For years, fast-casual seafood restaurants and their customers have been enjoying the benefits of using the Sea-Sheller. This innovative utensil is expert at splitting open crab legs and lobster.

Made of sturdy ABS plastic, the same material used to make football helmets, Sea-Shellers come in five colors and three case pack options suitable for restaurants, catering businesses and special events where shellfish is served.

Custom printing is available. When printed with a business name on the handle, Sea-Shellers make an excellent take-home promotion. They can be handwashed for re-use and customers love them!

ShopAmazon Stainless Steel Sea-Shellers

The new stainless model was developed to satisfy customer demand in upscale dining establishments, for home entertaining, and gift giving.

Where lobster crackers are often unsuccessful at opening dense king crab shells or mature lobsters, the stainless Sea-Sheller tears through the shell with ease to expose the delicate meat within, and there’s no crushed bits of shell to pick out or messy seafood splatter which are usually the results of a “mallet massacre.”

Each solid 300 series (18/8) stainless steel Sea-Sheller measures 7.75” long, weighs about six ounces and is dishwasher safe. The weight and styling feels great in your hand and the patented design enables it to function superbly.

This is a top quality product that’s appealing on the dining table and easy to care for.

ShopSpiritOnline How to Use It

Once you use a Sea-Sheller, you’ll wonder why you haven’t owned one before!

Hold your shelfish.

Insert the pointed, serrated claw tip of the Sea-Sheller beneath the shell.

Guide the Sea-Sheller forward using an up and down rocking motion.

Open the split shell, and enjoy your delectable meal!

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